Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ryssa Edwards' 3 Way Thursday


Hey! It’s me again, Ryssa Edwards, ready to bare my soul. Well. Kind of.

Thoughtful. Hmmm. . . I’ve been thoughtful about so many things lately, but mostly I’ve had the seasons on my mind. For most of my life, I lived up north. Fall is magical up there. I used to take the changing leaves on the trees for granted. I remember crunching through the leaves on the way home from school in second or third grade, knowing the snows would be coming soon. Around this time of year, I always used to secretly hope there would be a really, really big storm, because then I’d get a snow day. Maybe two! These days, lo these many years later, I still love the gentle shift from summer to fall. There’s something magical about moving from September into October, and knowing that in just two months, it’ll be Christmas. 

Thirsty. I’ve been way, way thirsty for a good cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee at work, but on weekends I splurge on gourmet coffee, the kind that comes in individual bags. All week long, I look forward to that first cup of coffee that starts my Saturday. I sit down, crack my manuscript open, and settle in with Hazelnut Cream or Swiss Chocolate Almond and start the weekend off right. If I were on a desert island, seriously, I’d bring the coffee maker. I know, I know. I couldn’t plug it in. Details.Details.

Thankful.This is an easy one. For a couple of years now, I’ve been going back and forth. . . yes I want to move. . . no I don’t. But now, the decision’s been made for me. I live behind a biker bar. And apparently, the bikers are now using the parking lot under my window to park. And I’m here to tell you that a motorcycle is extremely loud when that roar wakes you up at two in the morning. So, I’m really thankful for the biker bar, because now. . . there’s no doubt in my mind. I’m moving! 

As soon as my lease is up. . .  

I am soooo outta here.

I’m Ryssa Edwards. . . and this has been Three Way Thursday!
Any funny moving stories out there? ‘Cause I’m dying to hear one . . .
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Jessica Subject said...

The leaves are starting to turn here, and it's so beautiful to see the multi-colored trees, until the trees become bare, that is. LOL

All the best with your move!

Kathleen said...

The changing seasons are a magical time for me, too! Even thought I love summer, I look forward to the bright colors of fall.

I saw a neighbor on a local television channel complaining about living next to a biker bar. It was too noisy for him, too. He has his house and business up for sale.

All the best:)

Barbara Elsborg said...

My not so funny moving story - we were all packed up ready to go and the seller backed out. We had to tell our buyer etc etc. Re start all the utilities etc and husband had to tackle the bank ombudsman so that the lady selling to us, could get her mortgage - which was reason for cancellation. Finally - we got the house and the day we moved in, I was so ill I lay huddled in a heap in the lounge while the furniture was put around me.
But I don't envy you the biker bar - that's a good reason to move!

Ryssa Edwards said...

@Jessica . . . You're so lucky to live in a place where the leaves change in the fall

@Kathleen. . . Fall is still magical for me

@Barbara . . . What a moving story! I've worked in real estate. What you describe is a total, total nightmare. I'm sure your new home made up for the moving day jitters.