Monday, September 12, 2011

Of Light and Darkness Movie in pre-production!

Hey to all of the fabulous Decadent authors! I know I've already posted my playlist on the DDD, but I wanted to drop in again with some very different music news. Because I'm currently in the process of adapting my debut, paranormal YA into a motion picture, I wanted to announce some of the things we're working on for the soundtrack of the film!

Pre-production is currently underway for the official trailer and music video, slated to be shot the 3rd week of October in North Carolina! We've got some of our main cast involved in this project, including Michael Welch from the Twilight Saga. Emmy-award-winning makeup artist, Dean Jones will co-produce the video (as well as obviously turn our cast into awesome vampires!) I'm all a twitter about this and can't wait for October to roll around. Wake me up when September ends! Haha. The song we are featuring for the video is the title track, Of Light and Darkness (featured below), though we are going in to do some remixing and recutting. The song might sound totally different in a couple of weeks!

We also already have a music video and song slated for the soundtrack. This one was released a couple of months ago; Not Like the Others. I've listed that one below as well!

I'll definitely be taking photos on set, and will do a blog here again to share everything that happened! I'll be around all day - so if anyone wants to leave a comment with any questions about the movie end of things, I'd totally be happy to answer them!



Ryssa Edwards said...

Hi Shayne,
How exciting!

Do you think it'll be really weird to see someone you made up walk onto a movie set?

Kathleen said...

I'm excited for you, Shayne! It must be amazing to have see your novel transformed into a movie!

Did you write the screenplay for Of Light and Darkness?

Adelle Laudan said...

Kudo's on 'livin' the dream'.
I love, love, love the video and can't wait for you to share your journey with us all.
Who is the girl in the video? She's amazing.
Best of luck to you!

hotcha12 said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I WANT THIS ONE BAD! LOL

Barbara Elsborg said...

Wow, wow and triple wow!!!! My dream is your reality. That's fantastic!!! Big congrats.

Tore said...

Hi Shayne. Happy New Year. You are so talented and you are only 20. That is amazing. I love vampire books or anything paranormal.