Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Kraken Chronicles

with Maureen O. Betita and Penelope Leon

Hello! This is Penelope Leon, the editor of the Kraken’s Chronicles. The Chronicles is a newsletter I’m putting together full of the news and gossip from the Kraken’s Caribbean. I’ll be working hand-in-hand with the real world author, Maureen O. Betita.
Ms. Betita is the bard of Tortuga and writes up the wonderful life stories of many of the citizens of this topsy-turvy pirate world. Her book, The Kraken’s Mirror, told of the romance of our famed cursed pirate, Captain Alan Silvestri and his pursuit of the woman from the future, Emily Pawes. Our legendary cephalopod, the Great Albino Kraken, plays a large role in that tale.

Next month, the second novel will be released. The Chameleon Goggles relates a frightening part of our history, when we faced invasion from a capitalistic steampunk world, the former home of Captain Jezebel, who holds the wheel of the Cursed Quill. Will her beloved Michael March and the crew of the Quill keep us safe? Come October 20, you can find out!
Meanwhile, the Great Kraken has given his blessing to my journalistic ambitions and Tortuga is excited at the premier edition. For the first edition I’ve interviewed Emily regarding what she misses from her former life. And teased a few lines from Ms. Betita regarding what the term piratepunk means to her.

Interested in finding out what is happening ashore the wild island of Tortuga? Leave me an e-mail address and I’ll add you to the newsletter mailing list!


Kathleen said...

A newsletter about the wild happenings on the island of Tortuga is a great idea, Maureen!

I would love to receive it.

Congrats on your upcoming release, The Chameleon Goggles!

Maureen said...

Thanks, Kathleen. Intentions were to have that sucker ready today, but looks like it may wait until I get back from Vegas!

I'll add you to my list!

kathleen said...

Have a great time!

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