Friday, September 23, 2011

Aarón’s Three Way

by Maureen O. Betita

I don’t participate in such vulgar situations, Ms. Betita. I appreciate your chronicle of my experiences with Madame Evangeline, but…

Chill, Mr. Castillo…it’s not that sort of three way. I am certainly aware of your sense of propriety and find it quite refreshing. What the readers of Decadent would like to know is this: What are you thankful for?

Oh. That is quite simple to answer. I am thankful for my family and their sensitivity in regards to observing me and knowing better than I, what was needed in my life. 

Nice. Jackson and the rest were very adamant that you were ready for companionship. I mean, a ship, the sea and stars only go so far.

Certainly. What else would you like to ask?

Mr. Castillo, what are you thinking about?

I’m not certain that is a subject I wish to reveal. After all, I’ve just returned from the Caicos resort with Hannah and we are planning…

No, no…don’t reveal everything, that twinkle in your eye speaks volumes. I can assume you’re thinking about Hannah. The territory this covers can be left to the imagination.
Last question…what are you thirsty for?

Hannah speaks quite winningly of a drink she read of in one of your books, Ms. Betita. She called it Silvestri Secret Wish…

Ah, yes…one of my favorites. Thank you for taking the time out from planning…ahem…to answer my questions.
Now, for the rest of you… Silvestri’s Secret Wish is simple…

Highball glass, full of shaved ice
Bacardi rum – 2 shots
DeKuypers Apple Sour Pucker – 1 shot
Fresh lime, half, squeezed into the drink. Stir and dig in!


Kathleen said...

A nice idea for a three-way, Maureen! An interview with a character brings a story to another dimension!

Maureen said...

He wasn't too sure about this, Kathleen, but I persevered! ;-)

Barbara Elsborg said...

You always have to push guys - but they generally thank you for it!

Louisa Bacio said...

Ah, Maureen, as always ... delicious!


Jessica Subject said...

A fun three-way. I look forward to reading Aaron's story. :)