Monday, August 1, 2011

Whispers In the Dark . . . with Ryssa Edwards


My friends at say that a secret is something, “done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others. . . ” Yeah. That’s about right. Secrets whisper to us in the dark, in our dreams, or sometimes in our heart.
Shhh. . . don’t tell. . . here are some things that whisper to me across the years . . . 

Big. When I was a little girl, I had a total crush on Captain Kirk. I thought he was it. I mean come on, who wouldn’t have a crush on the captain of this really big ship that goes all over galaxies, back through time, and even past the final frontier? I wanted Jim Kirk. Well, I wanted his ship. He was kind of an add-on that came with it. But a totally cool add-on, you know?

Little. I used to write pretend stories. Before I could read (or write), I would scribble what looked like words to me all over everything. In my mind, I was building faraway places. Each place had its own castle, and each castle had its own prince, and each prince had his own princess. It was a little like Farmer in the Dell does Fairytale Land. Anyway, I got in lots of trouble for writing on stuff I wasn’t supposed to write on . . . like my mom’s nursing books. Hey, a picture book is a picture book when you’re five, right? To everyone else, they were meaningless tangles of ink. To me, they were my secret worlds.

Dark. I was afraid of the closet. Not really going in the closet, or what might be in it, just closets. I didn’t like them. I thought ‘bad’ things lived in there. In every house we lived in, it was like I was followed by the Curse of the Closet. Every bedroom I ever slept in had one. Back then, I didn’t understand the whole ‘closet is standard equipment in bedrooms’ concept. For years, I’d figure the angles in my room, and always sleep with my back to the closet. If it spawned anything, I didn’t want to see it coming!

Funny. I used to think God was a kind of celestial maintenance guy. I was very young when I first heard the “Let there be light” line. And the only light I’d ever seen anyone make happen was a light bulb. So, I figured God was fixing up the universe so we could all see. 

Embarrassing. Oh geez. I’m soooo not going there!

What’s your secret? Come on, just one . . . go ahead and whisper it to me.
I won’t tell. 

My new book Dreaming of a Kiss is coming out with Decadent Publishing . . . soon. . . really soon. Probably as soon as I’m done with edits. I’m really excited!You can read a preview here.
My name’s Ryssa Edwards and you can find me here . . . .


Maureen said...

Ah. I have no secrets. Open book, that's me!


(I hope.)

Josie said...

Me too, I can't hide anything from anyone, although I really should! Nice cover Ryssa, it's that book already out?

Ryssa Edwards said...

Maureen . . . an open book, huh? Wow. If I opened my book. . . I' in trouble.

Josie . . .Dreaming of a Kiss isn't out yet. I'm working on edits now. But it's coming soon!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Not really a secret but guess my maiden name - KIRK!!! I used to pretend we were related. Well, I was only a little girl.

Ryssa Edwards said...

Barbara, I love that! I would have been pretending too

Ann Mayburn said...

I hear you about the closet. The movie poltergeist sealed the deal for me on them being scary.

Ryssa Edwardfs said...

Ann. . . Poltergeist! Ahhh! They should have just outlawed closets after that one. . . thanks for stopping by!