Friday, August 5, 2011

Just the Facts Friday

Heather Kuehl

While it was difficult to do, here are five things that most people don’t know about me.

I love watching Hoarders, especially if I have to clean my house. Five minutes in and I’m scrubbing my house until it’s glowing.

Much likes Gibbs on NCIS, I believe that everyone should have a code that they live by. Like Gibbs, I have rules. I don’t share them unless you break them, though.

I have ten tattoos and nine piercings, and plans for many more. I love body art. Next I want an industrial piercing for my right ear.

While I usually listen to heavy metal, I love Taylor Swift. I can’t help but dance and sing when I hear her songs. Oh, and she’s just too cute!

I am afraid of needles. Before I had my son I used to freak out before having my blood drawn. Now I still get nervous, but not so freaked anymore. And yes, I am afraid of needles yet I have tattoos.


Maureen said...

Nine piercings...I'm trying not to go there, really.

Back, brain! Back!

Tattoos...I like mine and want to get more but unsure of the time it takes to heal as I age...

I do hope I don't end up in an episode of Hoaders some day...

Barbara Elsborg said...

I've never heard of Hoarders but sounds like my attic!! oops.
Afraid of needles but you have tattoos!! I'm fine with needles but afraid of tattoos!!!

Anonymous said...

We could never live together! (well, besides the obvious issues with people calling and asking for Heather, etc.)

I have seen Hoarders and it makes me gross out at those people's homes. I like the clean-up ones. Oiy.

And my kids listen to Taylor Swift on their MP3 headphones because I am so sick of that girl. LOL! Now, give me a long hard dose of Trace Adkins and I'm there.....

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog said...

Taylor is a sweet girl.
Wow, afraid of needles but have tattos. Well they are different and totally get.