Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 – Way Thursday with Kayne & Konstantine

I’m back! It’s Thursday and I was thinking. . . do I know three people I could interview about being thoughtful, thirsty or thankful? Sure I do! My characters are a captive audience.
So today, I’ve asked three characters to talk about whatever they want, as long it’s thoughtful, thirsty, or thankful. So here goes, Three Way Thursday with Rafe, Kayne and Konstantine, characters from my upcoming book, Dreaming of a Kiss.

Kayne is an assassin Wulf in training. He’s next in line to be Alpha Wulf. I asked Kayne what he was thoughtful about.
I think about a lot of things. Vaughn, my brother, he’s Alpha Wulf, so I have to learn things, like the best way to make a kill, the way to rule the Pack with justice, and the way to be an honorable Wulf. Honor is important to Wulfs. I used to think about those things all the time. But then I met Rafe. Now, I think about other things, like how his lips feel against mine. Sometimes when we’re together, just me and him, he’s all I can think about. This must be what it means to be in love. When Rafe’s near me, it feels like a part of me that’s been empty is all filled up.
Courtship is supposed to be when a Wulf gets to know what his mate needs to be happy. But with Rafe it’s different. It feels like all we need to be happy is each other. I haven’t asked him to be mine yet. I’m waiting because Wulfs mate for life, and what if he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with me?

Konstantine is the doctor who discovered the Quickening, a vaccine against the worldwide flu pandemic. He’s a Waker. That’s a zombie who mostly looks like everyone else, except. . . well. . . he’s dead. I asked him what he was thirsty for.
I am thirsty for the rain of praise that will pour down upon me when I have remade the world in my own image. There are many who laugh now, but there will be a time when I shall enter cities in triumph. The people of the New World will hail me as their king, their savior, their God. And well they should. Have I not brought them salvation? Is living without a beating heart so great a sacrifice?
I offer up myself in illustration. No heart beats within me. No blood runs through my veins, yet I hunger. And I thirst. As with history’s greatest prodigies, my brilliance has gone unnoticed. But with the Quickening, I have given the breathing masses reason to notice me. Soon their gratitude will be an outpouring, an unstoppable tide, an undeniable roar, as the waves of great oceans roar, all of them shouting my name, demanding that I take my rightful place as their ruler.
Yes. I thirst for those moments that are due to me. Until my empire is accomplished, I shall bide my time. I shall wait. And I shall plan.

All righty, then. Thank you, Konstantine. Everyone clap really loud because you don’t want to be on his ‘bad’ list, do you?
Rafe’s mom is a zombie. He’s looking for the antidote that he’s heard can cure her. Kayne is the first step on a journey that leads to love. I asked Rafe, what he was thankful for.
Life’s funny, isn’t it? A couple of weeks ago, I would have said I didn’t have anything to be thankful for. Now mom’s a zombie, I met Kayne, and I think I’m falling in love. I’m thankful I found Kayne. I was so desperate to find an antidote for mom, I probably would have done something deadly stupid if I hadn’t found him. He’s everything I ever thought of wanting in a man, well, except he’s not exactly a man. But even that’s okay.
There’s something about Kayne. Maybe it’s the way he looks at me, like I’m his whole world. Or maybe it’s the way he holds me when we kiss, as if he’d hold me forever if that was what I wanted. I don’t know what it is, but I’m thankful, because without him, I don’t think I could do this. I don’t think I could keep on believing we’re going to find the antidote and mom’s going to be okay. The first time I started talking like that, Kayne just gave me a look like, seriously? What part of the world do you think I wouldn’t go to get you something you want?

Yeah. I’m thankful for Kayne. I want to go on being thankful forever.
My characters are dreaming of that one kiss . . . what are you dreaming of today?
I’m Ryssa Edwards. . . and this has been Three Way Thursday!
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Barbara Elsborg said...

That was fun, Ryssa!! What a good idea. And you've found a way to make zombies not disgusting? Awesome!!!

Ryssa Edwards said...

Hi Barbara . . . Zombies are cool. . . get it? Cool? Okay. That was bad!