Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10Q Tuesday with Casea Major!

 How did you start your writing career?
I started writing fiction last November.  I read Alison Croggon's Pellinor Series, which I adored, but I was unsatisfied with the ending and the lack of an answer to one particularly burning question.  So I wrote an answer and a supplemental ending and posted it to a fan fiction site.  The story has become the best liked fan fiction story for the Pellinor series, and the author herself even praised it.  The reception of that piece, and the encouragement from Alison inspired me and within two months, I'd completed my first full-length fantasy romance, The Implanting.

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.
My favorite character is the divinely inspired Petra, a blonde-haired, brown-eyed nobleman in the mystical land of Jastain.  His Gift of Implanting includes diplomacy, animal speak, and the taming of wild beasts – which makes him the perfect match for the feral pirate, Charlee.  He's unassuming, lighthearted, and a man of exceptional quality and character.  I call him my Mary Poppins "practically perfect in every way", which oddly enough is what seems to get him into trouble.  He was rejected by the heroine in The Implanting but finds his Happily Ever After in The Pirate Princess.

Does travel play in the writing of your books?
Travel does play a big part in my stories, but not the kind you might think.  I love time-travel and travel to fantasy worlds.  Jastain is a world I created with mystical creatures and magic.  I have a map, a language based heavily on Latin, and various forms of art to round out culture.  Technologically, it’s a medieval world that's been dubbed the land of rainbows and renaissance.

Tell us about your current release.
I have a current release with New Dawning International Bookfair, Pinocchio Syndrome.  It's a humorous erotic take on the Italian fairytale, kind of like Pinocchio meets the Sopranos.  I've never laughed so hard as I did writing that story.

Tell us about your next release.
My next release is a 1NS story titled One Knight in Brooklyn.  It's loosely based on Robin Hood.  Sick of trying to find Mr. Right in a world of Mr. Right Now, Marianne seeks the services of Madame Eve to introduce her to a romantic knight who will sweep her off her feet.  But what she gets is Robert, a crass car salesman from Brooklyn and a zany adventure in Sherwood Forest.

How do you describe your writing style?
My writing style depends on the voice of the character I'm writing.  But my innate style is formal and elegant with an old world feel.  I have at times been described as 'purple' but I love epic, sweeping romantic scenes that make you sigh.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?
Since November, I write, critique, or read anywhere from 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week.  It's a compulsion I can't control.  I recently went to Disney World for five days and didn't touch a computer.  I enjoyed the time with my kids, but it almost killed me and that was the first time since Easter I'd spent a whole day off the computer.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?
Finding a critique group and strong critique partners is the foremost reason for my dramatic growth as a writer in such a short time.  My crit group is the best in the world, and two (make that three as of last week) of my strongest crit partners are Decadent authors.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?
Plotter? Hahahaha!  My husband thinks it's the funniest thing when I say, "Oh, I have to finish writing my story so I can see what happens."

Boxers or Briefs?
It depends on the man.

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Wow that is a meteorotic - have I spelt that right? - rise up the writing tree! Congratulations - you have caught the bug. The INS - sounds great!!!!! Since I was born in Robin Hood Country - Nottingham - and picnicked around the major oak - when it still stood without supports - I love everything Robin related. Particularly Kevin Costner. OOps

Casea Major said...

Hello Barbara. I have caught the bug for sure (at least my kids think so) There is nothing wrong with Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe is not to shabby either. :0)) Thanks for stopping by.

Eden Glenn said...

What a wonderful story. I wish you many years of success. Keep those creative ideas flowing. LOL

Eden Glenn

Jenna said...

Great answers, Casea. Your characrters sound wonderfully varied and fun. And 12-15 hours of writing a day is very dedicated. You're going to go far with that kind of drive.

I'm so glad to hear there are others who appreciate RH Prince of Thieves! A most romantic movie and one of my faves! A great choice of story to spin off of, Casea.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the 'I have to finish writing my story so I can see what happens' because that is so me!

Author Nikki Prince said...

Loved this interview ...I am a pantser as well!

Patricia Green said...

Great interview, Casea. It's obvious that you put the emphasis on great characters. That's what I, personally, look for in a book, and I think that's true for lots of readers. Don't be afraid of purple; it's worked for years. Keep writing!

Casea Major said...

Thanks, Edna. I hope for many years of writing. It took me long enough to figue it out. Now it's all I want to do.

Thanks, Jenna, Jennifer and Ebony(Nichelle)- you ladies are the best crit buddies.

Patricia - thanks for the comments. I do love my characters Purple does work for me.

Daryl Devore said...

Great Interview Casea.

Liz said...

great interview. and I am excited to read both One Knight and the Pinocchio stories!

Lee Brazil said...

Great interview! Sounds like an awesome story!

Katie M said...

Great interview!
I love the fantasy/time-travel elements in your stories, and it really shines through in One Knight in Brooklyn.
As always, your fabulous spin on your chacters and their unique situations makes OKIB a fantastic read.

Toni Kelly said...

Thanks Casea and Valerie for the interview. Super interesting and love the honesty. Your latest 1NS work sounds really interesting and I like the different spin to it. Congrats!

Casea Major said...

Thanks to my peeps, Daryl, Toni and Katie M. for your support.

Liz - hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, LB.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Great interview, one I really enjoyed!

Martha Ramirez said...

Awesoem interview!

D'Ann said...

Super interview, Casea! Loved your answers! Very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read it! Pantsers unite!

Maureen said...

Souns fun! Welcome to Decadent!

Casea Major said...

Thanks, Mart, D'Ann, Sheri.

diane - we should start a support group. There are so many of us.

Thanks, Maureen. So glad to be here at Decadent!

Lisa Kumar said...

Loved this interview, Casea! You're a very dedicated writer--and a great critique partner. OKIB is a fantastic story that's sure to be a hit.

Casea Major said...

Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate it.

a.c. MASON said...

Great interview.

Ann Mayburn said...

I really like the zeal with which you have persued your dreams. :) I also admire that you've stuck with your personal style, purple or otherwise ;)