Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never Go Thirsty

by Sara Brookes

Post: As someone who writes BDSM, I always have to come up with creative scenes that move my stories forward, but still titillate readers. However, there is one constant when my stories involve a BDSM club. This is true no matter if I’m writing contemporary, urban fantasy or futuristic/sci-fi.

My characters never go thirsty.

In fact, in regards to my books, it’s a hard limit for me. *g* Hydration is just as important to me as the characters getting what they need out of a “scene”. BDSM play can be extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically. And one of the worst culprits of dehydration is alcohol. So one thing I have vowed to never have in my BDSM clubs in my books, regardless of genre, is alcohol.

The club, Tawse, in my Sypricon Masters series is no exception even though it is located far, far away on an isolated planet. In fact, because that series is futuristic/sci-fi, I got to play with technology (inventing “impulse technology” that is employed at the club, and something the club is known for) and play around with items that add to the building of my world.

One of those things is ishke.*

The hydrating drink is a staple at Tawse and if you’re a Dom or sub playing in a scene, there better be a bottle of the stuff nearby. In fact, there’s a wily bartender at the club who will ensure there is. Sometimes, even before the person knows they need it in the first place. LOL

Please join me tomorrow as the first of my Sypricon Masters shorts, Impulse Control, releases from Decadent Publishing and get a taste of the club for yourself. In fact, there’s a bottle of ishke waiting for you at the bar.

*pronounced ish-key


Jessica E. Subject said...

I remember reading about ishke in the excerpt yesterday. Can't wait to read this story!! :)

Misa Buckley said...

Lack of alcohol is a very good detail to include, though for perhaps the "wrong" reason for actual players (I don't drink because it impairs my judgement - and that's the last thing you want impaired when you're handling a crop!)

Impulse Control is on my TBR list ;)

Katie Harper said...

Never thought about the dangers of dehydration when engaging in a little light whipping. Good to know!

Sara Brookes said...

@ Jess, hope you enjoy! it!!

@ Misa In another book of mine that just released a few weeks ago, the characters in it actually have a conversation about WHY the club didn't serve alcohol. :^)

@ Katie I think hydration is important during *any* kind of physical activity. And especially in this heat right now. LOL

Mardel said...

takes the phrase 'safety first' to a whole new level. :)

kathleen said...

Tawse sounds like an interesting club, Sara! You came up with a cool idea for a unique replacement for alcohol.


Barbara Elsborg said...

That's a very interesting point, Sara. Alcohol is very dehydrating.
Every time I see your cover, I smile cos its the guy off my cover for An Ordinary Girl. He's quite a hunk!!

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Maybe i'm just a drunk who likes reading about alcoholic beverages? But BDSM clubs are my fav base for some kinky stories to read :) Looking forward to catching Impulse Control on my brand new NOOK! WOOT And that cover, wow...DP cover artists simply ROCK