Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going Through Withdrawals

By Kimber An

Good morning, Blog Buds!

I just finished writing the third story in the Ophelia Dawson Chronicles on July 6th.  Oh, yes, of course, it’s an enormous relief to finally be done, but after engaging my imagination on one particular story for several months it’s hard to stop.  

An enormous amount of energy goes into creating a full-length novel.  For me, the story itself is easy.  This one dumped on me like a ton of bricks overnight.  No big deal.  It’s the writing and rewriting that’s exhausting.  And painful!  I deal with tendonitis every single day.  It was not a pretty day when I realized I’d finally achieved publication and that chronic pain was the price I paid.  So, there’s the physical pain.

But, there’s also the emotional.

It’s like to a fabulous party and having the time of your life.  Plenty of dark chocolate, all the guys want to dance, the music is hot, and I get lots of presents.  Most importantly, I know I won’t have to clean up afterwards and the babysitter was Grandma, so she doesn’t want to be paid.  

And then it’s suddenly over.

The chocolate’s gone and the music’s stopped.  The guys went home and all the presents have been opened.  
The Party is Over.

The novel is rewritten and as pretty as I can possibly get it all by myself.  I’ve pressed Send and it is gone.  That’s it.

Now what?

At our house, we call it the Post-Party Let-Down and my eldest is the supreme Drama Queen when it comes to this.  I may not do everything she does when her parties are over, but I feel like it.  I twirl around and whine about how much I miss my friends (my characters) and wail about whatever will I do without them until the next party (the next book) and then sent down for a good, long cry.  

It’s pathetic, really.

And there’s only one solution.  Write another book.  That’s what authors do, you know.  Write a book.  Write another book.  And another.And another.

But, before I do, I’m going to rest my hands while my husband installs my new voice-activated software.


Maureen said...

Oh, I feel your pain. When I began to write, I went at a breakneck speed...creating a Caribbean world where my sexual witch and her daring pirate captain saved each other and the world again and again. I wrote ten books...well over a million words.

And I hit a finish on book ten. And then sat down and cried for two days. I didn't want it to end.

On the third day I opened my laptop and began a new story, set years after my finale... I'm now in the middle of the 29th book in this series.

I think...maybe...when I figure out how to connect the final threads...I'll be done with the novel of this series.


But I may still do shorts in this world. And I keep writing other stuff in the meantime!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Congrats on finishing, Kimber An!!! And yes - just have to start another but the voice recognition software sounds a great plan!

kathleen said...

I feel your pain, Kimber An! Congrats! I can relate to the let down, especially when you hit send and the editing is complete. It's like cutting the apron strings. lol

The party will start again once you begin the next story.

Valerie Mann said...

I think a lot of authors feel that way. Sometimes I go back and read an older book I wrote just to visit the characters again. And I fall in love with them all over again, LOL

Jessica E. Subject said...

I know that feeling. I try to write another story, but sometimes it's hard when those characters still haunt you. I do what Valerie does, reread the old stories.

Congrats on finishing!

Kimber Li said...

Thanks, Geniuses!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Great post. Just one question--how did you get in my head? Seriously this was my reality on Sunday. I finished writing my YA adventure last Saturday. I was elated with my accomplishment--at first. Then I realized that was it. It was all over. No more spinning of yarns.
I agree the only solution is writin another book.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Where did that 'g' go. The last line should read: I agree the only solution is writing another book.
Any who...

Katie Harper said...

Congrats on finishing!! Condolences on finishing :( I love each and every one of my characters with all my heart. I can't let them go. That's why I'm writing a series so I can keep them around a bit longer.

Kimber Li said...

Yep, that's why I write series too!