Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in Too Much Reading

by Maureen O. Betita

When last we checked in with our intrepid explorer she was considering how summer progressed. She’d spent six weeks hopping about from event to event, family party to NASCAR race, to pirate festival…

To put it bluntly, she was exhausted.

At this point, she’s working to catch her breath after spending the last few weeks immersed in reading the adventure series she wrote (unpublished, btw) many years ago, featuring a sexual witch, pirates, magic… Consisting of 29.5 books, each approximately 100k long.

Yeah, she’s been reading a lot.

Too many late nights…but it refreshed her faith in herself and what she really can do.
And exactly how twisted her mind is.

At last, the obsession is done and it’s time to get to bed before 2am from now on. Time to relax, concentrate on sliding through the rest of the summer in preparation for an autumn that should be crazy all over again!

While learning how to sew and tackling a corner of clutter at a time.

I fear the clutter is going to win, but sewing? That may end up with some sweet little victories. And a new skirt!

Someday, the mondo adventure series, begun with the first flush of the “I-can-write!” glow, will be out there for the rest of you to read… For now? Find your own obsession!

Now, what’s up for the fall? The Northern California Renaissance Faire! Erotic Authors Association Convention in Las Vegas! Moonlight and Magnolias in Atlanta! SteamCon III in Seattle… Ah, I can’t wait!


Barbara Elsborg said...

29.5 books at 100,000 words each - woohoo!!!!

Maureen said...

Yeah, it was a fascinating exercise, reading all of them. I can tell a story! The writing is a bit rough and I revisit issues, but life is like an onion, right? Layers, baby, layers.

Or is that a parfait? No, I'm trying to lose weight, I'll stick with an onion.

Though now I'm hungry for a parfait.


steph beck said...

wow! that's intense. good for you though! layers are also good in cakes :)
Stephanie Beck

Maureen said...

Cake...oh. Layer cake... You're evil Steph. Now I want cake.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

My word you've been busy, Maureen! WOW And you'll battle and win that clutter if you keep at it xxx

meanwhile...what's this con in Atlanta? Must look into that ;)

Maureen said...

Moonlight and Magnolias is the Georgia RWA convention, last weekend in September. Nice price, Eloisa James is their guest and I know people who are going. So...since I couldn't make NYC...this is my reward for being frugal. I could even afford the airfare!