Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kraken Talk!

with Maureen O. Betita 
I held a contest last month! Looking for my missing kraken and here’s the facts of the matter… The winner, picked by a random number generator, was Fran Colley! I’ve been in touch with Fran and she is freaking thrilled with winning that Sony Pocket Reader.
I received 119 entries. Some really great entries, they were really hilarious! Fran won with the speculation that the Kraken was busy helping the monster living in the lake outside Hogwarts get over a bad love affair. It involved rum.

Of those entries several were from the same person. That’s okay, I picked up a few people who went from blog to blog, from Facebook to Facebook and entered. Kept it fun. And I enjoyed watching them stretch their creative muscles.

I had nine photos posted of possible kraken sightings. I know Silvestri shared a great many of these a few Saturdays ago. Dear man, he was so concerned that I was growing fixated…
I also had two links sent to me of videos. One of a white kraken with wings dancing to classical music, many fathoms below the surface. Another was of a kraken mother, giving birth and setting her little ones free to drift with the current. Sigh.

I gave away four minor prizes, one for each week by awarding a kraken of t…I mean comment of the week award. 
It was a lot of fun, folks! I figure when The Chameleon Goggles comes out I’ll run another contest, but likely not as long or demanding… Maybe once a year I’ll run a biggie and give away an impressive prize. I figure for The Chameleon Goggles…I’ve already ordered the kraken pendent from the multi-talented Rae Bradbury-Enslin as the incentive. It’s a lot like my blue one, but will be sepia toned.

Come the release of The Pirate Circus, I’ll have to come up with something interesting…I’m thinking a baby kraken, since I do have a youngster in the book.
Now, to come up with something wondrously crooked to ask people!


Maureen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the sepia cameo... ;-)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Baby Kraken!! Cute and cuddly or unpleasantly slimy!

Maureen said...

Well, Barbara, all my kraken are cuddly and slimy. ;-)

But yeah, thinking a visit to the Aquarium in San Francisco might be in my future for a nice stuffed baby kraken to give away when The Pirate Circus comes out...

And maybe...when all three are out in print, I'll do a big mondo contest and give away another e-reader of somesort... ;-)

kathleen said...

You had an amazing response to your contest, Maureen! The next should do well, too. The pendant is stunning!!

Maureen said...

Thanks Kathleen...might have done a bit better if blogger hadn't been flaking out!

I had the suggestion made to me today to have some kraken sketches done of all the places he was spotted... ;-)

If only I could draw!