Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dominique gets Thankful, Thoughtful & Thirsty Today

Thankful: What am I thankful for?  I am thankful that my family is healthy. It seems so many around me are themselves or have family members going through illnesses and I am thankful that for the moment, the ones closest to me are healthy and safe.

On a lighter side, or maybe its darker, I am also thankful that True Blood is coming back in just a few weeks, because the werewolf Alcide was seriously drool worthy last year…GRRRRRRRRR…did I mention the werewolf.

Thoughtful: I am thoughtful about the weather and what we are going to it. I mean granted some of the extreme weather is to be expected every now and then but this tornado season was/is crazy and we are moving into what I feel is going to be a crazier hurricane season. So I think a lot about how we can take care of our planet.

"Make mine MEAN, please"
Thirsty… Oh Girl I love me some MEAN TEA.  For those of your not familiar with MEAN TEA it’s unsweet iced tea which yes, I know is sacrilege here in the South.  But its how Love my iced tea and believe me I need me some MEAN tea.

Where did the term Mean Tea come from? A cute little waitress on the Outer Banks asked me once.

“Why you want it mean?”
“Excuse me?” I asked
“Well if it ain’t sweet, its mean.”

So from then on I order my tea Mean. I am on a campaign to get all unsweet tea drinkers to just call it Mean Tea. Its working here when I go through the drive thru at the local fast food joints in town they no longer even question me over it.


kathleen said...

Great post, Dominique! I love how you describe Mean tea. I like my tea Mean, too! Maybe with a dash of Splenda. Well, I quess it's rude, not really mean.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh cold tea? Not if you're a Brit! Mind you I don't like hot tea either - mean or not!

Dominique Eastwick said...

Kathleen Maybe your tea is just alittle Distempered :) And yes Barbara Cold tea for Hot days but I have to admit I would drink Iced Tea on the coldest winter day too.
Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Maureen said...

Mean tea...hmmmm! So I drink Mean Americanos...that's sorta fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Mean Tea! I hate loathe despise sweet iced tea. I don't mind sweet hot tea so go figure.

Becca Dale said...

Even what the North calls sweetened tea is nothing like the super sweet stuff in the South, but I like my iced tea "mean" too. Hot tea needs a bit of honey though. I hear you on the thankful too. I am hanging with family and helping with my nephew's graduation this weekend and I must say we are blessed. Great post.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

I has a sad on..we're changing our HBO and Showtime sub over for netflix -- I mean, for all of us that's a better deal. But for me? A week or so before a new season of True Blood is about to's a disaster! So I'll have my TB blinders up to try limit any spoilers until it comes out on DVD!!

AND FABBBBB cover! WOOT love the black n white theme, and then the splashes of red :)

Mean tea, well, it beats sweet tea. That stuff is minging. Lemon tea, yes, but anything other than that, I find gross. And don't get me started on cold coffee? OMG, what are they thinking? LOL