Sunday, May 8, 2011

VEGAS TODAY newspaper interviews Jackson Castillo!

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Interviewer:  Vegas Today is pleased to interview the intensely private hotelier, Jackson Castillo, CEO of the Castillo Hotel and Resorts. Thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to speak with us. So…your flagship hotel is located right here in Sin City. And what a wonderful hotel it is. (Her gaze sweeps past Jackson, seated at his desk, to the amazing panoramic view of the Vegas Strip and desert beyond.)

Jackson:  Castillo Hotels and Resorts…known worldwide for their luxury and first-class service. (He clears his throat) Sorry. I love a good sound bite, I'm hardwired to promote. My wife, Leah, continually tells me to stop looking for every opportunity to plug the business. She feels I need balance in my life. He snorts.

Interviewer: Ah, yes! The hotels have taken a backseat to your recent nuptials! Congratulations.

Jackson frowns:  Absolutely nothing takes a backseat to this company. My family lives and breathes this—(Door opens behind him. He turns to look over his shoulder and blushes and stammers) Hello, mi amor.
    A lovely, petite blonde woman steps behind him. She gives him a smile, full of the promises only a newlywed can offer, and kisses his cheek.  "Hello, Jackson."
     She sets a small tray down on the desk between he and the interviewer and smiles again. Gina sent some tea and treats for you.
     Jackson nods at the tray and says, My sister, Gina, is the head chef of our award-winning Cuban fusion restaurant. He gestures toward the lovely array of delicacies. Please, help yourself.

Interviewer: Treats is right. I believe Gina studied with the esteemed Cuban chef, Emilio Diaz for…five years was it? He even turned down Oprah's plea for him to be her personal chef. The interviewer frowns in disbelief with a nobody-turns-down-Oprah look on her face. The interviewer leans forward and takes a lovely bit from the tasty offerings on the tray. Taking a bite, she sighs at the buttery bliss of Latin pastry.

Leah:  Yes, Gina learned from the very best. Jackson says we only got her back because he promised to open a hotel in Cuba. Once that happens, she'll go and we'll be without her again. Not that we blame her. Eyes wide, she slaps a hand over her mouth. Oh, I’m sorry, Jackson.

Jackson reaches for his bride and tugs her onto the arm of his chair, his arm curling around her waist with more than a touch of possessiveness: It’s fine, mi amor. I am certain our guest knows that if this early information is not edited, it will be a very long time before another interview is given. He pats her hip while staring right into the camera.

Interviewer: I’m certain we can reach an understanding. Is it possible that Vegas Today  might be given an exclusive when the news is…more timely?

Jackson smiles and the interviewer tries, maybe somewhat unsuccessfully, not to swoon. He's a handsome devil—who only has eyes for his wife, this interviewer rushes to add.  When we are ready to announce the groundbreaking, perhaps you would like to assist us with that?

Interviewer (clearing her throat): That would be most gratifying. Now, on another topic, since we have Mrs. Castillo here…could you share with us a bit about your honeymoon?

Leah flushes deep pink and turns toward Jackson: Our honeymoon, oh, I don’t think…

Jackson gives her a warm squeeze, his lips turning up in the trademark Castillo smile: My dear, I believe our guest refers to our travel details, yes? He addresses the camera, We combined business with pleasure, and I took the opportunity to show my bride several of our properties in Europe as well as New York City. We also visited a potential site on another continent…but that’s all I can say about that for now.

Interviewer: What a delightful honeymoon! Mrs. Castillo, was there anywhere you enjoyed more than any other?

Leah: Honestly, we didn’t see much outside of our rooms. She covers her mouth again and glances at her husband with a horrified Oh-Darling-I'm-Sorry stare. He nods and pats her leg with a look of acceptance and nods for her to continue. She blushes and says, But it was all very lovely. She stands abruptly and turns toward the door. I really must go, but it’s been a pleasure. She waves toward the camera. It does not escape the interviewer's notice that she shares a long, lingering stare with her husband. The interviewer hides an envious sigh.

Jackson smiles, his gaze sending a clear message this necessary interview would be over post haste: I will be with you shortly, mi amor. We are almost done here.

Interviewer (clearing her throat and pretending she isn't a voyeur): Absolutely, I only have a few more questions for Mr. Castillo. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to visit with you, Mrs. Castillo.

Leah: Thanks. Turning back to her husband she blows a kiss. Don’t forget we have dinner with Jag, darling. He has to leave in the morning.

Jackson: I won’t forget. He watches her with love and want in his gaze as she smiles and leaves, closing the door softly after her.

Interviewer: Before I go, I would love to hear about your brother, Jagger, isn’t it? He’s in charge of another of your resorts I believe.

Jackson nods:  Jagger is in charge of our resort on Grand Turk. It’s the jewel of our tropical holdings and I hope you have a chance to visit there sometime.

Interviewer: I hope I do as well. The Castillo family is certainly a talented group, you must be so proud of your relatives.

Jackson: More than I can say. Now, I must be going. I don’t want to keep my wife, or my brother, waiting. He stands and moves toward the door, ending the interview. May I walk you out? His hand rests on the doorknob and he tilts his head, his sensual gaze meeting the interviewer's. The interview is most definitely over.

Interviewer, taking the hint, rises: Thank you, this has been a very enjoyable afternoon. She exits with her notepad and crew and wishes like hell she'd met Jackson Castillo before the lovely Leah had. Once in the elevator, she turns toward her camerawoman, Helen, and mutters, Damn, that is one sexy man! 

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Maureen said...

Ah! Jagger...Grand Turks... *scribbling madly...

Jessica E. Subject said...

I loved reading this interview after 'To Feel Again'. This is such a great series!