Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fringe – Lunatic Edge? Likely.

Man, I really do love this show. Despite the fact the Walter is totally batshit crazy, and his son is majorly messed up, but really sweet. And Olivia? Don’t get me started on how that woman’s brain must work.

Or not work.

What’s to love?

I think it’s the cow in the lab. Which they milk regularly.

It might be the zeppelin in the episode on April 15th.

Is it how totally despicable Walternate is? Maybe…

I wish I could explain. After they left the ‘real’ Olivia in the alternate universe, I had a hard time watching. I recorded about 5 shows until I was sure they were going to ‘fix’ things before I let myself have a mini Fringe marathon of my own, to catch up. I forgave them. (I just hate seeing budding relationships screwed up by alternate versions of…one of the players.)

And…well…it just occurred to me that if you don’t watch the show you’re just totally lost here.
Actually, if you watch the show you may be totally lost. But not as lost as if you used to watch LOST. Which I quit when they killed Hurley’s girlfriend.

I started watching Fringe because of the actor who plays Walter, John Noble. I mean, there he was! The totally flipping insane King Denethor from Lord of the Rings, on TV! Playing a blitzed out drug-using mad scientist from the 1960s, trying to atone, but getting caught up in just how ‘neat’ everything was.

I know I should dislike Walter, because of everything he did…but I can’t. He’s such a delightful flawed secondary character…or should I admit it… To me, he’s a hero. So screwed up and trying so hard! I love characters like him. To watch the thoughts flit across his face…from innocent childlike wonder to calculating how to use LSD to retrieve a lost mind is totally delightful.

Fringe is aptly named. I have no idea where they are going and how this trip will end, but I am determined to be there when it happens.

Probably pissed because they’ll kill of Walter or something equally heinous.

I could pretend Fringe is a guilty pleasure and act like I am ashamed of watching it. But you know
me…shame is just not present in my DNA.

Anyone else out there a Fringe-r? Favorite character? Favorite insane thing? (I loved the dialog between Walter and Bell, while Bell was hitchhiking in Olivia’s mind about transferring his mind to the cow and then having Astrid do the milking. That was soooooo over-the-top and how the censors missed it is beyond me!)

Wow, I just lost everyone who was reading this, didn’t I? ;-)


Maureen said...

So glad this posted before the season finale on Friday...

Valerie Mann said...

I have never seen this show but I'm hearing a lot of buzz. I need to check it out. I just started watching the first season of Glee. I know, I'm always behind the times!

JoAnne Kenrick said...

When this show premiered, I absolutely LOVED it. Walter was a blast, Oliva and Peter's chemistry was awesome, and the premise for each show brought something different to the table. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. It developed into an OTT show that had silly plot lines. I quit watching it. I also quit watching Supernatural. Both excellent shows, but, I don't know, the writing has lost the edge for me. Neither shows are delivering that uniqueness that attracted me to them in the first place. But I understand why people still love 'em. They just aren't for me anymore. Hope new paranormal-esk shows air soon, could do with some fresh ideas :)

Valerie Mann said...

I miss the X-Files. That was it for me. LOL

Kathleen said...

I haven't watched Fringe, but I'm going to check it out. You've got me wondering.

Maureen said...

Val - The first few seasons were easier...more of the one story/one episode thing. Got more difficult to

Joanne - I know what you're saying. I'm not in love with the alternate world, though I do enjoy seeing the characters. And for me, this series is about the characters, not the storylines. I'm like that, I fall in love with characters...

Val - So be aware that catching up is the way to watch this show. From episode one and on down.

Kathleen - It is really one odd show! But the dialog is sometimes brilliant. Especially when it involve Walter! ;-)

Jessica E. Subject said...

Maureen, I used to watch FRinge until they started travelling to the alternate universes. Then, like LOST, if I missed one episode, I had no clue what was going on. Don't have PVR, so can't keep up either.

Anonymous said...

OMgosh, Val, I just watched the frist 2 episodes of GLEE this past weekend on Hulu. lol

Never seen Fringe, either, though I hear it's a good time.

Maureen said...

Jessica - I totally get that. Which is why when they left Olivia behind, I stopped watching. For weeks...The new season started and I just DVRd the show until I'd read she was back...then I watched them all.

I agree that the that show caught Lostitis and suffered for it. I like threads that continue from show to show with characters, but storie that continue frustrate me. Because you miss one, you're lost.

No pun intended!

P. Kirby said...

Oddly enough, Supernatural didn't work for me, right from the onset. I remember eagerly watching it because of Jensen Ackles, who I adored as Alec in Dark Angel.

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Fringe. I think it used to air at a time that conflicted with ... something.

Hubby and I are planning on watching it from the beginning via Netflix.

But, yeah, I totally dig John Noble's portrayal of Walter. I love horribly flawed characters.

(Technically, Denethor had done the LOTR version of LSD. That is, he'd been messing with a Palantir and Sauron used it to scramble his brain. Don't think that actually made it to the movie. I'm such a geek.)

Maureen said...

You're right, Pat! Denethor was tripped out badly. That scene where Pippen sang in the movie was so emotionally wrenching. Superb!

I love watching Walter try to reconcile his past with his present...and just getting carried away with the 'neat-o' factor despite his best intentions.

Following it from the beginning is the way to do it!

I hate to admit, but I never watched 'Supernatural' or any of the modern vampire shows...

Samantha Gail said...

We've been watching it from the start and love this series. Such fun it must be for the writers.

Astrid (or Astro as Walter sometimes calls her) is one of my favorites. And Walter's character(s) are so well-acted...he's perfectly imperfect.

Maureen said...

I do love Astrid, too. I am a bit worried on who they are going to knock off at season's end. They've been hinting at someone we all know going... Astrid or Olivia's boss?