Friday, May 20, 2011

13 Fun Facts about Barbara Elsborg (and these are really funny!)

1. I’m blonde, but after having spotted one grey hair - I now dye my locks with mixed results. I know I should read the packet but hey, what can go wrong? My nicknames – badger, skunk (purely the look!!), snowball and pinkie. Yes, that time it really did go wrong.

2. I live in the largest county in England and as I write I have a great view of rolling moorland and sheep and a former lunatic asylum and sheep. I love sheep. Well, not love them. You know what I mean.

3. Writing. I really do love that. I started by making up episodes of TV series with me as the heroine. You name it, I’ve been in it. My range is from paranormal to suspense to contemporary to erotica but everything I write has a touch of romance and humor. Well, I think I’m funny. My family laugh at me all the time.

4. Former life – a sad cautionary tale. Started off as a government inspector – spying on people trying to cheat on their taxes. A short period as a media planner in an advertising agency. I fled that at dead of night. Several years selling cyanide – mainly to Sweden for the largest chemical company in the UK. Grand title of export manager. There was just me in the department. Had kids. Ughghghg. Then went to work as Government Inspector, spying on teachers. I was so popular, you can’t believe. Thank goodness I married well. (Married for money anyway)

5. No I didn’t, dear. Husband is financial whiz. Met at university when he was bringing a sack of potatoes to my flat mate. Romance is his middle name. Gifts to me include – supermarket vouchers, hedge trimmer and a hammer drill and reduced flowers past their wilt-by date. He spent most of his life in the aerospace industry making missiles. He’s atoning for his sins by doing my shopping.

6. Two children. Daughter a lawyer. Son about to need her services. Enough said.

7. Books – I ADORE. I read at least one a day. I have thousands as I can’t stand to part with them. I read at lightning speed. 70-80 pages in 20 minutes. That’s fast? Right?

8. What do I do all day? Write. All day if I can. It’s my world and I love it. Start at 8.00 and finish late. Interspersed with journeys on the internet and satisfying needs of husband. No, not those sorts of needs. Really!! I was thinking of making coffee.

9. Worried about – possible visit from FBI. Research for one of my thrillers did involve some investigation into how a fetus would decay under a boat shed. See upcoming book –Chosen – from Decadent!!  Research into plastic handcuffs brought a deluge of porn. Well, that was my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

10. I’m very tall. 5’10 and a bit. I used to be very self-conscious about my height. Now I don’t care. I’m far more worried about other bits of me.

11. I won the prize at school for ‘Good Conduct and Example’ It was the worst day of my life. Well, one of
them. I so want to be bad. Sigh.

12. I am incapable of telling right from left at crucial moments. Won’t be flying jets anytime soon.

I’m struggling now. I’m really not interesting.

13. Ohh, I was once kicked by a giraffe.

Phew, made it.


Maureen said...

Tell me more about the giraffe... ;-)

Barbara Elsborg said...

I was standing too close to its enclosure at the zoo and it kneed me through the bars. I went flying and my dad caught me!! Yippee for dad. Course nowadays you can't get so close. Probably all down to me!!


This blog totally cracked me up! I needed a good laugh on a rainy Friday morning!!

Arlene said...

I can't wait for Chosen to be released.(Jack (shiver) is an unforgettable guy)
I've been lucky enough to meet Barbara, and she is just as lovely and witty in person as she is in print. Thanks for sharing yourself, Barbara, as well as your amazing stories with us.

Maureen said...

So, it's you fault I can't get close enough to trace the marks! ;-)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Yes, Maureen. Absolutely my fault. They put up railings around the lions too after one ate my hat -- oops that's a lie!!

P. Kirby said...

LOL! Another former "good kid."

I was also a good kid. Which, I think, explains my rebellion against pretty much everything now, decades later.

I also wonder where my Google research is going to lead. I mean sometime you just have to know everything there is to know about high caliber weapons. Or the best place to stab someone? Right?

Great posting!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh yes, I have a feeling writers were all good but had a secret desire to be bad. Writing about it, is the nearest we get!
Thanks for reading!