Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's get factual...about fiction...with When A Mullo Loves A Woman

Hello, all you blog readers in search of some decadence. I'm glad you decided to come on over to have a read. Because for this week's Just The Facts Friday, I'm dishing some secrets about Mullo and answering some commonly asked questions.

Are you ready? Okay! Let's go.

ONE: WAMLAW (When A Mullo Loves A Woman) is the 'Read for a Cure' book over at Decadent Publishing. This means that all publisher profits from the sale of WAMLAW, through April, are to go to the American Cancer Society. How cool is that? You can grab yourself a paranormal romance mystery dubbed as winning and surprising by one of the top romance review sites (The Romance Reviews)...AND make a contribution to a fantastic cause...just by picking up my book. Thank you Decadent! Be quick, AND GRAB IT TODAY! April is almost over – available in Kindle, Sony, Nook, All Romance... and many more! Just search for When A Mullo Loves A Woman, in the store of your choice, and it comes right up.
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TWO: Yes, WAMLAW is actually an ancient gypsy legend of the undead, and still very much so feared in the gypsy community. No, there are no other romance books (that I am aware of) that focus on the myth of the Mullo. Although, there are vampire romance books that mention the myth. But they focus more on the blood-sucking vampire aspect of it.

THREE: The Rainbow Bar, where Pearl and her 'Scooby Gang' hang out, is based on my old haunt in Rhyl, North Wales; The Bistro. It was a place of sticky carpets, cheap student beer, and salmon pink walls. And it was a second home to me during my college years, although I never did meet a sexy Mullo in there. Bummer! It was the venue for many cool bands and new Years Eve parties, though, and was recently used as a backdrop for the making of a movie about The Alarm. Yes, Rhyl is the hometown of them, too. Rhyl is kinda a hub for rock music. Or it used to be. Not so much anymore. The DJ's playlist consisted of such bands like Nirvana, Sisters of Mercy, Prodigy, Poison, Bon Jovi...yes a big ol' mix of rock, goth n metal. I had written that 'alternative club' feel into The Rainbow Bar, but it was suggested (wisely) by my editor that I should pick out more modern tunes that fit the characters better. So The Doors and The Police were replaced with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Not a bar I would hang out in, but it's perfect for Celeste, Pearl's roomy and best friend.

FOUR: I often get asked if WAMLAW is an Urban Fantasy, because I named the series after the main character. The answer to that would be no, it is definitely a paranormal romance with strong mystery elements. And when you read book two, you'll connect the dots as to why I named the series Pearl Kizzy.

FIVE: When a Mullo Loves A Woman originated from a short story I had written while doing freelance non-fiction work for glossy mags. It had quite a different ending, but thanks to Dracula and discovering the Mullo myth, a new story was with a much better conclusion.

SIX: I am working on Mullo book two, but it's taking much longer than expected because Adam is being a real pain in the ****! Seriously, he has bad attitude and won't play nice. And two characters from the first book have returned, he's not 'dealing' well.

SEVEN: 'When A Mullo Loves A Woman' was written with the title 'Mother of Pearl' in mind – I was aspiring to be the next Virginia Andrews. I guess my style and voice had different ideas. But you can still sense that she was my inspiration, in the sidelines. VA was the reason I thrashed out short stories on my little typewriter, back in the day.

EIGHT: Pull up a chair, and let's talk yummy drinks. Yummy men are good, but so are delicious cocktails. And, in WAMLAW, my love for mixing up the liquids comes out in the form of Pearl and Celeste kidding around about Mullo Mojo being a cocktail (really, it's an amulet to ward off evil spirits) – well, I created that cocktail. It's green, and yummy. Yes, tried and tested. You can grab the recipe from – Let me know how you get on with it if you mix it up with a Mullo Mojo!

NINE: I've written a rough blurb for Mullo book two. Wanna see? Here's a sneak peak:
After the supernatural week Pearl Kizzy's just had, she deserves some fun. Adam Flint's assignment in New Orleans serves as the perfect excuse for a loved-up weekend away. But hidden behind the allure of the Deep South's sultry Jazz and spicy Cajun aromas, awaits her worst nightmare.

TEN: When A Mullo Loves A Woman comes out in print very soon! We're going through the process as I speak/blog, so watch the blog for news of when the print edition hits the stores. And I have some rather pretty custom made bookthongs to giveaway with future 'print' contests. They're gorgeous, Hockeyvamp did a fantastic job on them, I don't know how she does it, but they have beads with the book cover set inside them! So cool.

Anyway, that's all the facts I have for you, today. So I'll love ya and leave ya...for now.

Before I go, another quick reminder -- April is almost out, so if you want to Read for a Cure, GRAB IT QUICK!



Maureen said...

I do love green drinks! Used to enjoy going to Chevys and ordering a pitcher of Midori margaritas just to watch everyone around us stare...

Gods, the phrase bookthong just seems so wrong! ;-)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Midori margaritas -- never had, wanna try... now! hehe

LOL, Bookthong does sound a bit funky, doesn't it? But they are gorgeous - I posted a piccie of mine on my FB page...they are in the 'stuff' photo album if you wanna have a nosy!

Maureen said...

Yeah, the pitcher is like vibrant neon green and they are tasty!

I looked at the did you get the little bead with your cover on it?

P. Kirby said...

Oy. Sequel writing can be such a bee-atch. In my case the problem is I've learn so much since I wrote the first book, and my inner editor is merciless.

And "bookthong" makes me giggle-- like I'm twelve. Hee.

Maureen said...

I was using the word thong to denote a strip of leather and my beta reader said it totally threw her.

Generation gap. She thought undies. Another reader though flip flops.

I changed it to leather strip. ;-)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

LOL on the thong point :)
The bookthongs I had custom made by Hockeyvamp -- find her on Facebook! Really great quality, and she offers fab prices. I have no idea how she puts the book cover inside the bead, but very clever.

Haha, yup sequel writing is proving to be a challenge, but a fun one :)