Friday, April 22, 2011

Just the Facts

by Wendy Burke

Of course, you know by now, this blog will be just as odd as the Wild Wednesday versions!

-I was a ‘surprise!’ Back in the early 1960s, women for the most part just didn’t have children after the age of 40 – my mom was nearly 41.
-As a child, my mother taught me to count in English and German.
-I wanted to be a doctor because I always got the diagnosis correct before Chad Everett did on MEDICAL CENTER.

-I got married in a black dress.
-On my wedding day, I went to work (four hours on the radio), got married, bowled in a nine-pin bowling tournament, then went to the reception. (And, didn’t even mention it to my two morning radio show partners, who are still quite miffed!)
-My delightful husband is a ‘bit’ older than me, which leads me to the next fact that…
…I irritate him by playing ‘80s music. (Other than ‘Der Kommissar,’ he hates the stuff.)

-I’ve had a penpal in New York City and another in Edinburgh, Scotland for more than thirty years each.
-I never appreciated cats until a few of them ‘owned’ me.
-I WILL NEVER have another blue car. (See a Wild Wednesday post from awhile back!)
-In my opinion, a bad day at a baseball game is better than the best day at work.
-I don’t understand oysters.
-I have a terrible ‘thing’ for Russell Crowe – and my husband doesn’t mind!
-I love maps and dictionaries.

-One of the best parts of my day is talking to law enforcement officers on the phone, including my favorite US Marshal, the gang at ‘212,’ and Sheriff Hottie. (Some of whom may appear in the project I’m currently working on– Amoris Defende.)
-A few years ago, I took a nine-week Citizens Police Academy class, for two reasons: 1) made for great background for writing, 2) as a media person it helped me more clearly understand the police process and meet many of the contacts I talk to regularly. (And, 9mm side arms are really hot!)

-My first finished work of fiction (once I really started writing seriously) took five years and tallied out at more than 300,000 words. Yes, I know, it needs a bit of editing!
-If it weren’t for great writing friends like Deanna Wadsworth  I wouldn’t be writing this as I’d have no pending release with Decadent Publishing! Thanks, DW!
-The release date for RESPITE, my first published work from DP, should be coming soon.

Wendy Burke blogs regularly for A Daily Dose of Decadence and is dangerously close to getting RESPITE, a post-WWII romance published by Decadent Publishing. She can be found on Facebook – Wendy Burke Author, at her blog site, Whatever Wendy! at her local writers’ group site, and Twitter - @WendyBurke1994.  When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a wonderful life with her handsome chef husband and two furry feline kids. She has a full-time job behind the scenes at a Toledo, OH television station which keeps her from writing fulltime, but does give her great ideas and interesting contacts which somehow end up in her stories.


Maureen said...

Yup, all those wonderful details must add great depth to your stories!

I'm hoping for a vow renewal...maybe my 35th...and I will wear my pirate dress!

Valerie Mann said...

I'm with your husband on the 80's music thing. Except for Bon Jovi and a few cool songs, most of it was pretty bad.

And I'm really glad I'm not editing your 300K book. I'd probably cry. :D

Fun blog, as usual!!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Thank you for sharing some of yourself with us.
1) I completely understand what you mean about cats. I have three and before that I was a dog person. (Secret between you and me--I still kind of am). They've purred their way into my heart.
2)You were on the radio--very cool. Where you a DJ? That was one of my childhood dreams.
One year, for Christmas, I received a tape recorder and taped my own radio show.
As an adult, I did read one of my stories on a local radio station.
...but a DJ? I would have loved to do that...
Enough about me...
3)Congratulations on your upcoming book release!

Kathleen said...

Cool facts, Wendy. My mother was thirty-eight when I was born. My Sis had her daughter when she was forty-three. It worked out fine. I loved the medical shows on TV, too. Rock of ages on Broadway celebrates the songs of the eighties. It's great!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh Wendy - I was with you until the Russell Crowe bit - where is your taste!!! The guy is horrible. Oops - bit too strong. I don't find him in the least bit attractive. Arggh - still too strong. I'm sure he's a lovely guy - er maybe - but - I'm going to stop now!