Saturday, March 19, 2011

My, How We've Grown! (Some of ) The Decadent Team

Heather Bennett (owner) ~ 2nd Grade
Colleen Beilke ~ Review Coordinator
Lisa Omstead (owner)

Kathleen Gallagher
Why don't they leave me alone? I have no time for photo shoots. There are more important things on my mind. 

Shiela Stewart:
This is back when I was sweet and innocent. And then I grew up! Muhahahahahaha!!

                               Valerie Mann 
First time in the snow... BEFORE
                                                                                           ...and AFTER

and what's up with the Bozo the Clown boots? I have big feet, but really??

Mahalia Levey


Leanne Dyck (The Sweater Curse):  "My huge head full of words waiting to put pen to paper." (Picture taken in 1962 by my Dad)

Ellen Keener ~ 

First, I always liked cars better than Barbie.  Second, can you tell that Mom always cut my hair, and I hated it? When we lived in Winchester, the neighbors actually had to explain to friends once that the screaming coming from our backyard wasn't because I was dying  - it was just Rich (my mom) cutting Vanessa's hair.
Wendy Burke
From a very young age, Wendy Burke was destined to be full of hot air.


Ashlynn Monroe

 Silke Juppenlatz

This was umm... 1965 or so.
Looks like I managed to water everything -- except the dilapidated plant which is crying out for some... water!
That’s what I call precision splashing, it takes a lot of practice!

Leslie Soule


Maureen said...

Ahhhh! How cute everyone is!

Julie Pizzitola said...

THAT is GREAT!!!! Yeah...what's up with YOUR feet Val????
Heather...Bailey looks just like you when you were little. =)

Ashlynn Monroe said...

These are awesome! I still have an evil laugh just like little Ashlynn in the pic Baaaahhhawwwwaa! So fun to see everyone before our minds became dirty and we started to write romance!!LOVE IT!! oh and that was winter 1980 lol.

Deena said...

Oh how I love these pics of everyone! I better call my mother and nag her to send me some of mine! Or... maybe not! lol

Anonymous said...

These are great! Nice to see everyone's pictures.

Unknown said...

What a great set of pics. You all were just so stinking cute!!!

Samantha Gail said...

OMG! These are great and the captions are a crack-up! We should do this again...

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Truly adorable!

Shiela Stewart said...

Love the pictures. A walk down memory lane is always nice.

Next time we do this we should do halloween costumes. :)

ColleenB said...

What surprises me is that I didn't even turn in a picture, and yet mine appears. hmmmm Atleast it was a cute one!! lol

Anonymous said...

Could have been that one of you getting your hair foiled, Colleen. At least this one was cute!

Yes, my daughter looks a lot like I did as a kid. Freckles and all.

Dang it, now everyone knows my REAL hair color.....oops.


Valerie Mann said...

Okay...about the Bozo the Clown shoes - I am a Cali-born girl. I know it's hard to believe, given my Yankee attitude. But yes, I was born in SoCal. And that was my first EVER experience with snow. My Mom put my grandfather's boots on me. You can imagine that I was fine while standing upright but as soon as I took even one step...I face-planted. Note how funny my mother thought that was?

Valerie Mann said...
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JoAnne Kenrick said...

Love it! I can't find my box of old photos...when I do, I sense a major dose of embarrassment coming up on my part LOL I had terrible sense of fashion...still do! hehe

Kendall Evans said...
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Dawn Carrington said...

Loving the pictures, ladies. Wonderful reminders of the past, aren't they? Of course, they're also great fodder for snickers!

Silke said...

Be glad Val resisted the "Potty Pic" I sent her. :P

Valerie Mann said...

Silke, they were all adorable. But the one in the "bath" tub was just so cute...that's not to say the one of you on the potty wasn't, but, well, you know...LOL