Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have a Wild Wednesday with...

Graylin Fox!

It’s Wild Wednesday and here I am. I’m Graylin Fox and I have three upcoming novels with Decadent, Coming Home, Contagion, and Your Biggest Fan. The first two are in my writing wheelhouse with elves, fairies, and Otherworld connections. The third is in my “real job” world of psychology.

I love the world of make believe. I grew up wanting to be a princess, but not any princess. I wanted to be a fairy princess. We moved every few years as I grew up, giving me the title of “new kid” seven or eight times before junior high. So I would escape into books. I wanted to be swept off my feet but only if I could have the same prince as Thumbelina, or Cinderella.

My mother loved to read and shared that passion with me before kindergarten. It was my coping mechanism, my escape from having to start over repeatedly. And it remains that way today. Even as an adult, I escape into books or movies where reality is bent and magical beings are a normal part of life. I love reading about dragons, elves, fairies, goblins, and ogres. I love it even more if they don’t have the smiley face of “everything is always happy” pasted on their face.

I reflect that in my writing. I escape to wonderful worlds in my mind when I write. But, if you follow these stories, you will also see a strong tinge of reality. I rarely write romance as I see it broken so often. What I see in my day-to-day world is death. And in my stories, it plays a very strong part. Death itself is almost a character as we watch its existence at the edge of my characters consciousness drive them forward.

Now I’m a Psychologist. Escape is no longer necessary. I’m settled in my career and move when I want to move. Now the adventure is in my work. I see great pain, sorrow, and mourning (my practice includes working at three hospitals). I also see hope, faith, and family in situations where the weak are ripped to bits without something to hold. Most come back from the tragedies of life. It’s the others we reach out for when the thunder gets too loud or the lightning too bright.

To me, life itself is wild. No accessories needed.


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Maureen said...

Very true that life is challenging enough...or wild enough to turn anyone's world upside down. I'm sure you see if often enough in your line of 'real' work.

Thank God, we have fantastical fiction to run away to.

I know how surprised I was to realize I wrote romance. I never thought of myself as a romantic person! Reality is so seldom kind to the romantic soul.

Valerie Mann said...

Hmmm, I'm sure that being a psychologist means diving into the make-believe world of others, right? It's an interesting profession, I'm sure! I'm sure it gives perspective on your own life!

JM said...

Very cool post.
I understand about moving when you're young. It definitely makes you more self-reliant, and you have to become your own best friend, kind of.
I love to write romance, though. In 4 days I will have been married to my hubby for 14 years, and it seems like a blink of time. I love him dearly, and can't imagine writing anything BUT romance.
I look forward to checking out your stuff.

Anonymous said...

I put some romance in my stories. I just don't think of myself as a romance writer. It's not the focus. But, having said that, I love complicated relationships so it does come up!

Thanks for the wonderful comments!


Kathleen said...

Congratulations on your three upcoming novels.

I work in a hospital also, where I'm surrounded by pain and suffering. Seeing people at their worse, makes me appreciate the wonderful world of fiction.

All the best,

Redameter said...

Just so you don't feel like th eLone RAnger, let me tell you I was a pipeliners daughter. And I traveled the USA as a child. Went to schools everywhere, including Canada, and I know exactly what being the new kid on the block is like. I went to one school that no one except the teacher could speak English, all because you had to have so many days in school to pass.

My parents said they spoke with Principles on the subject that traveling was enlightening for a child and I woujld l earn much. And I did, but it was a lonely learn let me tell you.

You have to learn how to win friends fast. And they never last because you move on so much. It's not the best thing for a kid, believe me, no matter what others tell you. It's very hard on the child.

Love and hugs Graylin