Thursday, October 21, 2010

What are YOU looking for at Decadent Publishing?

The question keeps coming up--What are you looking for at Decadent Publishing?
I thought I would take some time to answer this question, and give a little insight into what we'd like at Decadent.
We are not a publisher who demands their authors write a certain manuscript of a certain length or genre. Write where the story takes you. I am open to shorts, novellas and novels at this time in a wide variety of genres and romance sub-genres. You can see our category listing at . We have a varied and delightful line up, everything from smokin' hot novellas to historical romance and mainstream shorts. We have Steampunk, suspense, contemporary, paranormal and much more.
We are committed to quality storytelling, beautiful covers, and aggressive promo. We have a team of highly qualified and insightful editors who work closely with our authors to produce a polished product, and a Senior Editor who gives our manuscripts one extra layer of perfection. Our staff also includes an Author Liaison and Review Coordinator who has the delightful job of helping our writers promote and market creatively, and a Blog Maven who brings our thoughts, books and personalities to anyone interested in learning more about Decadent Publishing and our offerings.
Here is a short list of what I am specifically looking for. But don't let this list limit you. We want great storytelling in any genre and all lengths. Variety is the spice of life. We want our writers AND readers to indulge themselves in fabulous fiction.

Log onto and check out our Submission Guidelines.

* Some great paranormal novellas (paranormal on a broad scale, not just sexy vamps and wild 'weres!)
* Military Romance (this I am looking to come out next Memorial Day). I would like novel, novella or shorts
* I REALLY want some Sci-fiRom. Give it to me at any length.
* I'm always game for a good (or GREAT!) contemp., any length
* I would really like to add to the young adult offerings we will have coming up.
Erotic romance is always a seller. As long as you show me a good story with some hot sex, and not hot sex with some story.
Celtic romance in any sub-genre or length.
Americana romance.
Native American romance.
End-of-the-world novellas.
* Good menage /multi stories.
* Quality m/m or f/f; any length.
* I would like to do an Alaskan antho of shorts and novellas in honor of my partner in Decadent Publishing who makes her home at the top of the world.
* I'd like some historicals or contemps set in unusual places. These should include some local flavor. Delve into your vacation memories!
Late Escape, any length. This category features Baby Boomers in romantic situations. The story can be any sub-genre, any heat level. Younger aged characters can be part of the story, but the Boomers will be the main focus.
I would invite authors with back list titles they own to submit and see them published once more with a company committed to promoting. I would also like authors published elsewhere to consider Decadent as another venue for their stories that may not 'fit' in their current publisher's vision, or may be outside their own typical genre. We don't consider 'competition' a bad thing, we feel the market can support good storytelling, hungers for it and embraces it, and welcome new and established writers alike.


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